The Balcony (2005)

The Balcony

i sat on a balcony
eighteenth floor sunshine
the wind blows my bangs
squinting i´m sing´n
I fell to the ocean
run right into the waves
out past the shore break
i will turn back to wave
i will swim to Hawaii
i will swim to Japan
i´m tired of being crazy or all wrapped up in myself
but i can´t find my cure
and this wind is so obnoxious
don´t go back in my head repeat 5 x

There´s a cat in a tall tree
Called the fire department
i don´t see the smoke? but the department is working...? the sun is still burning...?
If the sun is still burning they´re not doing their job,
the locals stand gazing,
i should start blazing!
I can see a division of people bound to their surroundings
every moment's a story if i´ve taken a picture
some proof to remind me,
   that I was once there
My heart will stop pushing blood through my body
My brain will be silent,
I´ve left my existence
 for myself to find me to find me

Bloody blood, beautifully battled

I stay up real´late
way past twelve well past eight
who here does that too?
I seem to find some things I can do
when you get up and I´m up too
I didn´t sleep it´s not past noon
but at least i had some time- it´s quieter and it´s mine
I wish somehow that we´d stay up together
but we never would so it must be better
that i´m alone and not in a battle
Bloody blood, beautifully battled
And I knew we would, now i heard you´re getting married
I´ve been roll´n doobies, conjure plans of espionage 
Bought a tape recorder and I fuck around
Bloody blood beautifully battled
There is no use denying 
we love love
we hate hate 
and we love hate
and we hate love
and I don´t know what to do about you
I don´t know what to do at all

I am as you see me

Why does my heart sit so heavy?
Could a good girl see me as a bad boy?
I am as you see me
If i invent myself silly, would I laugh at myself?
My I am always asked how I make money
Never have I ever been asked how I make love
How i make love 
How i m a k e  l o v e

I´m a cigarette to a smoker
I´m a satalite to its dish
I´m a scoundrel  and his lovers
Why does my heart pump old oil?
My eyes crave to be shot from wine
and I´d fall asleep in your breasts
If i couldn´t be myself, who would I be?

I am as you see me