"OK Vancouver OK prove why they’ve been an indispensable fixture in the West Coast music underground for over a decade. The pleasant rhythm and backing vocals on “Black Part of Light” provide a solid base, counter-balancing the undisciplined lead vocals and whimsical instrumental flourishes. These guys could give a Weird Tuesday clinic" - Mark Anthony Brennan / Ride the Tempo 2016

Ok Vancouver Ok is a Canadian indie rock band formed in Vancouver B.C. in 2004. Described as "anti-capitalist indie music with an environmental message". Do-it-together. DIY. Integrating elements of punk, lo-fi, funk, pop, post punk, folk rock, and avant-garde ideas. The current lineup comprised of Jeff Johnson(lead vocals, guitar, keyboards), KMVP (bass, vocals,) and Laura House (drums). Liza Moser(Bass) is taking a break from live shows to focus on her studies in environment & agriculture, and her new baby. The band has been building a reputation as poetic, thought-provoking and forthright, with captivating live shows.

Black Part of Light Lp released in 2016 in North America and Europe on Switzerland label Bongo Joe Records, along with a tour in Switzerland, Germany and France November 2016. Black Part of Light is the bands 6th vinyl Lp and another collaborated effort/ studio album with Eli Moore(LAKE,Palisades,K), Ashley Eriksson(LAKE,K, Adventure Time).

Influences Lp/Cassette is the band's 9th full length album and 5th vinyl release. Recorded by Eli Moore (LAKE/K records) on Whidbey Island March 2014. Featuring performances by Jeff Johnson, Laura House, Liza Moser, Ashley Eriksson and Eli Moore, it is a follow up to 2013's Food Shelter Water Lp/cassette. Like much of their previously released music, Influences continues to explore themes of anti-capitalism, sustainability, freedom, and non-human life on earth. Influences borrows sounds and feelings from the bands that have influenced Ok Vancouver Ok. Influences hopes to influence others and build hope and momentum towards a radical shift in our collective cultures and daily lives.

Ok Vancouver Ok has been compared to, or said to sound similar to, such bands as Talking Heads, The Velvet Underground, Beat Happening, Joy Division, B52's, modest mouse and Daniel Johnston. The band's song 'nature' was covered by Angelo Spencer and released on K records in 2015. This song was taken from the album Escape the Common People (2012), a 220 record pressing in which Johnson painted abstract faces on each of the covers.

Ok Vancouver Ok is currently mixing a new record.

updated May 3 2017